Volunteer Vacations abroad – in Africa, Asia and South America

Volunteer Vacations  provides placements that come under the banner of “responsible travel” and “ethical tourism” in the following countries:


South Africa










Ecuador and The Galapagos




Volunteer Vacations are very proud to specialise in Rugby Coaching Placements with the SKRUM HIV/AIDs charity in Swaziland.  SKRUM has been chosen again as the charity partner for the Rosslyn Park National Schools Rugby Sevens 2016 Tournament and we are looking forward to being there with SKRUM promoting their volunteer placements and taking bookings for their exceptional volunteer placements in Swaziland.

Our placements have all been visited by ourselves and the ethos of Volunteer Vacations is to match up volunteers who want to get involved in a real, grass roots project, make a difference and feel they have left a much welcomed footprint in the country visited. We endeavour to make sure the communities on the ground benefit too both from the experience of hosting the volunteers and the cross-cultural exchange and financially too.  

We want you to feel really valued and at the same time HAVE SOME FUN IN YOUR SPARE TIME.  

Before you go, please do watch this 27 minute documentary made by the lovely Stephanie Green who travelled around the world for a year and visited some volunteer projects which should give you some back ground which will help you chose a good project as there are many projects out there which fall very short of the benchmark.  This documentary will help you know which questions to ask before you book.  “The documentary sheds a lot of light on how easily voluntourism can actually do more harm than good, regardless of the volunteers’ good intentions.” (quote taken from The Voluntarist Facebook Page)


Placements overseas include:

Sports coaching (Rugby, Football, Netball, Hockey, Tennis, Swimming, Cricket and Ultimate Frisbee)

– HIV/AIDs education


– Rugby coaching combined with HIV/AIDs education


– Teaching in child care centres, pre-school, primary and secondary schools


– Working in orphanages


– Conservation (Spanish Speaking)


– Working with rescued jungle animals (Spanish speaking)


– Working in a micro credit co-operative (Spanish speaking)


– Street Children Projects (Spanish Speaking)


– Outreach project (medicinal plants, yoga, permaculture and generally helping disadvantaged villages)


– Home for disabled children


– Office duties – accountancy, computer work, fund raising


– Marine conservation


We work with charities and social enterprises where your manpower helps provide them with the vital element that they need to keep their projects going.  Your placement price also helps to guarantee the project’s sustainability.


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