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Volunteering in India can be a very rewarding and stimulating experience.  Set in the hills surrounding the city of Udaipur in the state of Rajasthan in Northern India, these projects offer an amazing opportunity for immersion into the vibrant Rajasthani community, working with families who live far below the poverty line. Teach English, Maths and Art & Crafts in a village primary school either assisting the teacher or leading and delivering your own lessons and do the same in a boys orphanage providing after school activities.  Join the Health Programme, or help refurbish schools and the orphanage every July/August.


Why volunteer?

The communities that live in the valleys surrounded by the Aravalli Hills have a very hard existence with a semi-desert landscape which they farm and yields very little.  Most villages and houses have no water and you see the ladies walking to the well and returning with urns on their heads.  Electricity is not found in many villages.  On top of all this, these communities are marginalised.  This social enterprise provides pre-school teaching, primary teaching and orphanage after school activities in English, Maths and Art & Craft which will help these children get better jobs in the future with a knock-on effect to the communities where they live.  The Health Promotion Programme also comes into the schools, day care centres and orphanage to help the children develop good health practices.

The girls at the school are so colourful!

The girls at the school are so colourful!

Why India?

Udaipur is known as “the Venice of the East” due to its many lakes and also the old part of the city with its crumbling buildings overlooking the lake. There are many roof terrace restaurants where you can eat and gaze over the beautiful lake.

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The old part of Udaipur is well worth a visit, known as “the market” with narrow streets lined by shops where people will invite you in and offer you “chai” , the sweet Indian tea laced with spices that the chaiwallah in the street will bring.  Many of our volunteers invest in a sari and love buying the many items on sale, such as leather bound journals that can be engraved with a name.

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On your weekends you can take some excursions:

  • The Taj Mahal and Pushkar
  • The Ranthambore Tiger Park
  • Jodhpur and also stay with the desert communities nearby, taking a camel ride at dawn to see the sunrise
  • Ranankpur Temple
  • Horse trekking
  • Udaipur attractions such as Monsoon Palace, City Palace, take a boat ride on the lake, shop in the market….