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South Africa – sports coaching, teaching and orphanage work

Sports Coaching

In the township schools in Port Elizabeth,  sports coaching does not feature on the curriculum.  This well established local charity is well supported financially by the local businesses as well as by the volunteer programme and, in addition to providing invaluable sports coaching in the township schools, it is able to help particularly gifted children to find sponsorship to realise their talents and go all the way to schools of excellence and even university.

They depend on the volunteers to help deliver their sports coaching programmes and are well organised with specific start dates (see below) and durations of placements from 5 to 12 weeks, with 12 weeks being the most popular and the better in terms of sustainability of the project.


Chose from:







Swimming (seasonal)


As soon as the volunteers arrive at the schools, they are struck by how happy the children are that they have come and are given a very warm welcome with lots of singing and dancing and clamouring for attention.

IMG_8383[1]At the end of your placement, if you spot any exceptionally talented kids, the charity wants to know and will try and get them sent to a school of excellence so that they can realise their full potential and become the South African sportsmen and women of the future.



You can work in an orphanage or just have a 'taster' day

You can work in an orphanage or just have a ‘taster’ day

Orphanage work is also available either full time or as a taster day. The orphanages house many HIV/AIDS orphans and is a heartbreaking experience to see first-hand how the HIV/AIDS pandemic affects children as young as babies. Help the local staff care for the children, give them all their many medications and enjoy playing with them and making them smile.



Teaching volunteers assist the South African teachers and are given the opportunity to try out their teaching skills either in primary or secondary schools.  This could be very beneficial for anyone contemplating a career in Teaching.  Experienced teachers are most welcomed!


Steven teaching his class

Steven teaching his class

Teaching can be either full time, or combined with sports coaching or just as a taster day.




At the weekends, there is the opportunity to go off and explore the local attractions. Equally several fantastic excursions are included in the placement price:  two different weekend activities for those doing 5 weeks, 4 different weekend activities for those doing 12 weeks.

5 week placement = £1,199 Placement, accommodation, All meals, Airport Transfers, 2 weekend excursions, transport to work placements Flights
+ £100 per extra week Several weekend excursions and social activities Travel Insurance
£1,899 maximum 12 week placement 24 hour support and assistance up to and during your placement Vaccination, Visa