A Level results not what you wanted?


A Level results not what you wanted

A Level results are out today and you bet many of you will be disappointed with your grades because you don’t have what you need to do:   either the course that you dreamt of  – or at the uni you desperately wanted to go to.  Do not despair!  And above all, do not rush to clearing and put yourself down for any old course at any old uni.

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Why not take a Gap Year – a Year Out so you can think about what you really want to do?  Get a job and work your socks off, save your money and go abroad and get involved in a charity project like:



Rugby coaching and HIV/AIDs education in Swaziland

Netball coaching in South Africa

Sports coaching in South Africa (rugby, cricket, netball, hockey, football, tennis, swimming and basketball)

Gap Year, volunteer, conservation, primates, Ghana, Africa

Endangered primates project in Ghana



Working in an orphanage in South Africa

Hannah Godfrey teaching primary school children

Teaching primary school children in India.

Ecuador Banos and Jungle 001

Working with street children in Ecuador using your Spanish speaking skills (many other projects there too like teaching English, working with rescued jungle animals, conservation…)

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Snorkelling on the ocean safaris in search of whale sharks – marine conservation project in Mozambique


You may be able to retake your exams that have let you down.  If you apply for uni again, you could put in your statement that you decided to take some time out, have a Gap Year and have planned to do some volunteering abroad because you want to see the world, understand its problems, get to know other cultures and help others.  The Gap Year is something that has certainly helped some of our volunteers in the past get on a course even though their grades were not great.  It’s also helped when volunteers were being interviewed for jobs – they were asked to talk about what they were doing abroad on their Gap Year and the volunteer is able to speak with passion about their experience.

Gap Year, Year Out, Career Break, Safari Guide

Walking out on a trail to see the animals, birds, trees and biomes – wilderness training courses and experiences in South Africa


Whilst working abroad on a Gap Year, you can also have some fun and meet new people!


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Caring for cows that are sick or have had operations – India- great for those wanting to be vets or veterinary nurses or who just love animals


Fun in South Africa


Bungee jumping in South Africa


Sand boarding in South Africa


We have volunteer placements including:


  • teaching – nurseries, primary, secondary, after school clubs
  • sports coaching (rugby, football, netball, hockey, tennis, cricket, basketball, swimming, boxing)
  • marine conservation
  • medical shadowing (doctors, nurses, midwives, dentists)
  • veterinary shadowing (vets, nurses)
  • working for an animal charity that takes in wild cows, donkeys and dogs and treats them including operations/sterilisations
  • teaching how to make fashionable clothing
  • teaching hairdressing (barbering)
  • land conservation (Galapagos)
  • street children projects
  • orphanages
  • schools for disabled children
  • HIV/AIDS education
  • looking after rescued jungle animals
  • working with endangered primates
  • working with horses
  • Spanish speaking placements
  • assisting the keepers in a Panda Breeding Centre in China
  • learning Mandarin in China

Check out our website www.volunteervacations.co.uk, drop us an email to info@volunteervacations.co.uk

or give us a ring on 07833 208 158

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