Wilderness – Professional courses

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Elephant in the bush!

Wilderness training programs include training as a Field Guide (1 year), or as a Field Guide Level 1 (55 days), as a Trails Guide (28 days), as a Safari Guide (28 days) and all courses are endorsed by FGASA – the Field Guide Association of South Africa.  A qualification in operating a rifle is needed for these courses and can be taken before starting.

These programs are suitable for those wanting to work as a professional field guide in Africa or in conservation programs worldwide.  However, many people who do them are also on a career break, lifestyle changegap year, year out or just taking some time out to do something they love and for enjoyment of the Great Outdoors!

Volunteer Vacations, FGASA Wilderness 1 year course, Life style change, Wilderness Training Courses, Gap Year, Year Out,

Walking out on a trail to see the animals, birds, trees and biomes


Wilderness – Fun Adventures and Courses! 

Wilderness adventures have become a popular and attractive alternative holiday activity for those wanting to experience the real bush.  Experiences include Wilderness Photography (6 nights), Wilderness Trails Skills (6 nights), Birding  (6 nights), Animal Tracks and Tracking ( 6 or 13 nights), Advanced Rifle Handling (6nights), Bush Adventure – experiencing the bush, the animals, trails, birds,  (4, 6, or 13 days).

Volunteer Vacations, Gap Year, Year Out, FGASA Wilderness Training Courses, Life style change in Africa

Vultures waiting for a kill


Give us a ring on 07833 208158 with your questions or drop us an email to info@volunteervacations.co.uk.

Courses and Experiences Prices for 2020
Professional Field Guide Course 1 year South African Rand 317,800
Professional Field Guide Level 1 - 55 days based in South Africa and Botswana South African Rand 103,800
Professional Field Guide Level 1 - 55 days based in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe US$ 8,450
FGASA Trails Guide - 28 days South African Rand 58,950
Safari Guide - 28 days South African Rand 66,590
Photography Course - 6 nights (7 days) South African Rand 22,100
Birding - 6 nights (7 days) South African Rand 17,950
Bush Adventure - 7 or 14 days South African Rand 18,200/41,520
Book here! Check availability first, then fill in form and return with a deposit of 40% of your placement price to secure place.