ECUADOR AND THE GALAPAGOS ISLANDS – volunteer in one of these projects and improve your Spanish speaking skills


Ecuador and The Galapagos are known throughout the world.  Mainland Ecuador is stunning with it’s hugely diverse and paradisaical Galapagos islands, stunning coastline, staggering Andes Mountains and thriving Amazon Jungle, we find little reason for you not to immerse yourself in this delightful South American country and culture.

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Typical Ecuadorian women

In the Orient, you should visit the Yasuni National Park or bravely attempt  “puenting” (jumping off bridges into spectacular gorges). In the mountains, culture vultures should visit towns such as Otavelo, known for its craft market, or Cotacachi, renowned for its leather. On the coast you can enjoy surfing at Montanita, spectacular natural beaches and see the giant tortoises and other unique fauna and flora on the Galapagos…

Gap Year, Career Break, Volunteer, South America, Spanish speaking, Career Break,

Corn grown by the children at the School were they combine western and traditional education

Quito is also a very interesting city to explore with its historic and beautiful Old Town.  A must-do is the TeleferiQo – an aerial tram which will take you  4,100 m above Quito where there are amazing panoramic views of the City and the mountains that surround it, including the iconic Cotapaxi volcano.

Gap Year, Year Out, Career Break, Volunteering, South America, Spanish speaking,

Banos in the jungle area. Puenting – bungee jumping – can be done from the bridge

Bus travel is very cheap on mainland Ecuador and it is possible to travel the country for very little money: for example a 4 hour coach ride from Banos to Quito costs just US$4!  Travel anywhere within Quito by bus costs just 25 cents!


Improve your Spanish while you are there

All volunteers need to have some knowledge of the Spanish language and our placements are an opportunity to be totally immersed in the culture and work and improve your language skills.  We recommend that everyone spends their first week at the Spanish School in Quito and has 5 x 2 hour, one-to-one sessions with Spanish teachers whilst they work on their homework and explore the city and surroundings.  After your first week, you can then start work on your placement.  However, Spanish School is not compulsory.

It is possible to combine more than one placement however the longer you stay at one placement, the maximum impact on the project you will make.

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Teach English and other subject to children in the schools

Spanish speaking home stays

Most of our volunteers in Ecuador and The Galapagos stay with Spanish speaking families to maximise their exposure to the language and the culture.  In some cases, projects have bunk-house style accommodation and it is necessary to share a room.

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