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Having fun playing rugby with the kids

Volunteering options with this charity in eSwatini are:


  • Rugby Coaching
  • Netball Coaching
  • Medical Shadowing in HIV/AIDS clinic
  • Teaching in primary school
  • Photography/Videography


Rugby/Football/Netball coaching in eSwatini 

This placement is for those who have a passion for either rugby or netball and are happy to share their skills and knowledge teaching the children and adults in this lovely country. The Kingdom of eSwatini, one of the last African Kingdoms,   is southern Africa’s best kept secret, about the size of Wales, normally green and hilly but, sadly, with the worst figures for HIV/AIDS infection in the world.

It may be possible to coach other sports such as athletics or martial arts – have a chat with us about the areas where you are skilled and what you would like to teach and we will see if it is possible to incorporate your coaching skills and experience at the schools.

rugby coaching in Swaziland, gap year, Africa, year out, career break, volunteer, volunteering, HIV/AIDS, programs, ladies, families, oldies, seniors,

HIV/AIDS and other educational presentations go along with the sports coaching

This charity has introduced sport and the passion that goes with it into more than 600 schools and also runs coaching during the holidays in the communities of eSwatini.    Sport is used as a platform to introduce their educational and social programs in particular educating children and adults on HIV/AIDS awareness through the sports coaching, presentations and handing out informative pamphlets.  Gender violence, alcohol and drug abuse are other important social issues that are included in the programs.

rugby coaching in Swaziland, Gap Year, year out, career break, volunteer, volunteering, Africa, ladies, seniors, families, oldies,

Working alongside the Swazi coaches



If you have a passion for teaching and want to share your skills and experience with the children of eSwatini, then teaching in this primary school is a good option.  

The children will welcome you with open arms and enjoy having someone from far away willing to travel all the way to eSwatini just to teach them!

Help teach the basics:  English, maths, art & craft.  By working with the same class, you will get to know your pupils, their abilities, weaknesses, hear all about their family life and life generally in Eswatini.  This is a unique opportunity to get to know a country, its’ people, its’ problems and hopes for the future.

Many of these children will be HIV/AIDS’ orphans living with older siblings, grand-parents, neighbours…and they may not get the support at home to do homework and progress with their studies.  Use your passion and creativity to make their lessons fun and learn in new innovative ways.

HIV/AIDS education can be built into your teaching day.  The ‘virus’ is the one thing the children fear – they have lost parents, grand parents, loved ones and have confused ideas on how it is spread. This charity will give you promotional leaflets for the children to keep and help to teach them how to stay safe and avoid catching the ‘virus’.

Volunteer teachers of all ages are welcome and all have something to offer!  Let us know what your skills are, what you would like to achieve from your placement and we will try and accommodate you.


Medical Shadowing in a Clinic

If you are contemplating a career in medicine, then medical shadowing in a local Clinic will be an invaluable experience on understanding the underlying health issues affecting life in eSwatini, in particular the HIV/AIDS pandemic.  You can shadow doctors or nurses and assist them in the basics in their daily lives at the Clinic.

Let us know your objectives and we will endeavour to match them up with a suitable position where you will get the experience you seek.  The charity hosting you are an HIV/AIDS charity that uses sport, teaching and educational programs to educate the youth and adults of eSwatini on lifting the village taboos by providing them with invaluable information on how to stay safe giving them hope for the future.

At the same time, the charity hosting you can give you the background information on HIV/AIDS in Eswatini and their educational programs.   In the last 10 years, since this charity started its work on HIV/AIDS education, the numbers of those infected have gone down considerably.

Volunteers of all ages over 18 are welcomed.



For anyone wanting to visit the charity and accompany the coaches on their school and community visits, taking photos and   video, this is an amazing opportunity to travel around eSwatini  and get to see the people, villages, green hills…

Rather than see the country through the eyes of a Tourist, you will see them through the eyes of the locals and learn about how hard life is because of the devastation of the HIV/AIDS pandemic.

At certain times of the year, there are some truly magnificent photo opportunities, namely:

  • The Bushfire Music Festival (end of May)
  • Airshow (September)
  • Reed Dance
  • Gorge Hike.

Explore the national parks in your spare time and photograph the animals and beautiful scenery.  Climb Execution Rock and appreciate the beauty from high up.  Capture some of the spectacular ‘sound and light’ shows when there is a thunder storm, with lightening bouncing off the hills…..


With great light and fantastic scenery, eSwatini is a photographer’s dream and added to that accompanying this charity in their journey will give some great, original content for your photos.


 You could use your photos and video content to help promote the charity and the work they do at the same time giving a very accurate of life and its difficulties in eSwatini.  





  • Unique opportunity to work with a charity at grass roots level and experience a country which is little known to the outside world and Southern Africa’s “best kept secret”.
  • Provide invaluable HIV/AIDS education to the children and adults of eSwatini (Swaziland)
  • Visit the many beautiful sights in eSwatini in your spare time
  • For those coaching rugby, take your World Rugby Level 1 Coaching Course



EXPLORE BEAUTIFUL eSWATINI in your spare time:


  • White water rafting
  • Zip wiring across a beautiful canyon
  • National parks to visit
  • Cycling or horse riding round a wildlife sanctuary
  • Quad Biking
  • Walking
  • Caving
  • Visiting ornamental glass works, candle workshops, art and craft souvenir shops
  • Bushfire Music Festival end of May (
rugby coaching in Swaziland, volunteer, volunteering, Africa, gap year, year out, career break, oldies, seniors, ladies, families,

Exploring Swaziland in your spare time


4 week placement £1,600 Placement coordination Flights and coach transfer from Johannesburg
+ £200 per additional week For those coaching rugby, Level One Rugby Coaching Course, coaching clothing kit (3 golf shirts, 2 track suit bottoms, 3 T-shirts) Travel insurance to include rugby
Tailor-made durations also available All accommodation and Meals, A local sim-card, local coach stop transfer Vaccinations
Transport to schools and clinics. Spending money for free time
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