Volunteer in Marine Conservation in Mozambique!

Beautiful sandy beach


Volunteering in marine conservation is based on a pristine, sandy beach which is about 7km long – in a delightful, unspoilt village that must be one of the friendliest, most beautiful spots in Mozambique!  What attracts visitors mostly are the warm seas and the presence of a megafauna hot spot due to the large amount of plankton in the area.  On your dives and snorkelling expeditions, expect to see:

  • whale sharks,
  • giant manta rays
  • sharks
  • turtles
  • coral reefs
  • and humpback whales during certain times of the year.


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Volunteers in Marine conservation are needed because…

Sadly, over the last decade the numbers of these magnificent mega-marine animals have drastically dropped and hence the interest by marine scientists studying just why these numbers have been declining so rapidly.   Promotion of conservation and marine education in the area are important parts of the placement and volunteers will have the opportunity to meet with local children and help educate them to respect their ocean heritage.


Volunteers can be


  •  students on their gap year who are 18+
  •  adults – single or in groups
  •  mature people with good fitness levels
  •  beginner divers
  •  experienced divers
  •  families


Volunteers need to


  •  be able to swim and ideally be good swimmers
  •  to be able to pull themselves up into a boat so with a good level of fitness (the driver of the boat is there to help)
  •  be willing to learn to scuba dive and not have any medical conditions that will prevent that
  •  be willing to snorkel
  •  have an underwater camera that takes photos and video!


Volunteers and scientists analysing the data collected from their dives and snorkelling

This is a unique opportunity for volunteers to


  •  learn to scuba dive with the Dive School in the warm waters of the Indian Ocean and get a professional qualification
  •  be located on a beautiful spot and enjoy the beach and sleepy village during your time off
  •  visit the many dive sites and enjoy the marine diversity of the sea and also the river estuary
  •  photograph and video all you see!

For those volunteers who are not registered divers, they can spend their first week taking the PADI Open Water Dive course with the local dive centre who supply all the tuition, equipment, boats, and driver.


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PADI Open Water Dive Course

You can take this course during your first week volunteering in marine conservation however we would advise you to try a taster day scuba diving in a swimming pool before you book to make sure you are happy with the experience.  You will also need to take a good look at the PADI form and make sure you do not have any medical conditions that will prevent you from diving.

This course consists in learning the following:

  • what is needed when planning dives
  • how to choose the right gear
  • underwater signals (so important…)
  • diving procedures

You start with a half day of theory covering all the ins and outs of scuba diving followed by two dives in a swimming pool to practise all you have learnt and get used to the equipment.

With the above under your belt, you then head out into the ocean for four open water dives, which may consist of two dives per day.

After Week 1, you are ready to visit all the different locations along the coast and will dive up to 30m deep!


scuba diving in Mozambique with Volunteer Vacations

PADI Advanced Open Water Dive Course

This course is for those who have already completed their PADI Open Water Dive Course and aims to build on the skills learnt and build confidence in the water.  It consists of 5 open water dives covering the following:

  •  drift diver
  •  navigation
  •  fish identification
  •  underwater naturalist
  •  boat diver
  •  peak performance buoyancy
  •  underwater photography
  •  a short exam on the above


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PADI Divemaster

This course is for those who already have their PADI Open Water Dive and PADI Advanced Open Water Dive Courses and are looking to advance to the next level.

The course lasts 12 weeks and the first 4 weeks will be spent as a volunteer on the program whilst learning all the theory and doing some of the diving at the weekends.

After that you move to the dive centre for the remaining time of your course.

This course includes:

  •  Emergency First Responder Course both at the theoretical and practical level


PADI Freediving

Freediving is the art of holding your breath whilst under water and pushing the limits on how long you can stay under.   These courses are also on offer from an introductory level to more advanced qualifications and are a useful experience for those who will be continuing with their scuba diving.



volunteering in marine conservation


Humpback whale program – June to September

Humpback whales can be spotted from the beaches travelling up the coast of Mozambique during the months from June to September.  Volunteers can experience the following:

  • 4 boat based research expeditions per week
  • collection of data on behaviour, movement patterns, habitat use, pod structures
  • taking tissue samples
  • recording whale song!
  • identification of individual whales and using the data base
  • analysis of data collected
  • spotting whale sharks, manta rays, dolphins and other marine animals
  • community education work
  • lectures on whales and other megafauna

Whilst there, it is possible to also take your PADI Open Water Dive Course or PADI Advanced Open Water Course or Freediving Course however these are not included in the program and are subject to an additional charge.

2 weeks – £2,175

3 weeks – £2,625

4 weeks £3,075


Other things you can do whilst there


  •  local yoga classes (extra)
  •  surfing (extra)
  •  kite surfing (extra)


Vaccinations advice



Travel advice to Mozambique




Number of weeks - Monday arrivals and departures Price including PADI Open Water OR Advanced Open Water Course Price including PADI Open Water AND Advanced Open Water Course
2 weeks £2,175 £2,345
3 weeks £2,625 £2,795
4 weeks £3,075 £3,245
5 weeks £3,525 £3,695
6 weeks £3,975 £4,145
7 weeks £4,425 £4,594
8 weeks £4,875 £5,045
12 weeks (Divemaster Course) 7,495
Number of weeks - Monday arrivals and departures Price for registered divers not needing to take PADI courses
2 weeks £1,995
3 weeks £2,445
4 weeks £2,895
5 weeks £3,345
6 weeks £3,795
7 weeks £4,245
8 weeks £4,695
To book your placement, fill in the booking form and the Padi Medical Statement and return to us with your deposit of £195 Padi Medical Statement