Volunteer in Marine Conservation!

Beautiful sandy beach

Tofo Beach – marine conservation – view from Volunteer accommodation

Volunteer in marine conservation – set on a beach which is about 7km long – a delightful, un-spoilt beach and village that must be one of the friendliest, most beautiful spots in Mozambique!  What attracts visitors mostly is the presence of a megafauna hot spot – whale sharks, manta rays, turtles, coral reefs and other fish species.

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Giant manta ray

(volunteer marine conservation – scuba diving with the giant mantas)


Volunteers in Marine conservation are needed because…

Sadly, over the last decade the numbers of these magnificent marine animals have drastically dropped and hence the conglomeration of scientists all working hard at studying just why these numbers have been declining so rapidly and striving to do something about it.

Volunteers and scientists analysing the data collected from their dives and snorkelling

Volunteers and scientists analysing the marine conservation data collected from their dives and snorkelling

These scientists really appreciate having the volunteers help them collect the data they need and this is a wonderful opportunity for people interested in marine conservation or science generally to get involved in this important research.

Data is collected on scuba dives and snorkeling mostly by taking photos and videos of the megafauna and other species, keeping dive logs and entering all the data onto the Google drive.

For those volunteers who are not registered divers, they can spend their first week taking the dive course with the local dive centre.

Travel advice to Mozambique, check out https://www.gov.uk/foreign-travel-advice/mozambique


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Dive Master – 12 weeks

For those wanting to take their Dive Master, a 12 week placement is offered where the individual will be also accompanying the scientists on all their dives.  See below table for prices and ask us for more details.

Number of weeks Price for registered divers Price including dive course
2 weeks £1,995 £2,175
3 weeks £2,445 £2,625
4 weeks £2,895 £3,075
5 weeks £3,345 £3,525
6 weeks £3,795 £3,975
7 weeks £4,245 £4,425
8 weeks £4,695 £4,875
12 weeks £7,495 £7,495
To book your placement, fill in the booking form and the Padi Medical Statement and return to us with your deposit of £195 Padi Medical Statement