Based on the island of Phuket, this is an opportunity to make a real difference and help vulnerable children.

Behind the beautiful beaches, bustling backpacker scene,  and luxury hotels, there is also a real need for volunteer aid.

Two child care centres provide essential day care for vulnerable children from Patong,  and also for the children of the Burmese immigrants who have trouble integrating with Thai society.

As well as teaching these children in English, you can teach them lots of useful skills for life from personal hygiene to computer skills or drama or drawing…..This established charity also runs rugby coaching and swimming coaching combined with English teaching in local schools.

By caring for and teaching these children in English you will help them develop as individuals and find jobs giving them the chance for a better future.

Experience Thailand

Phuket, the largest island in Southern Thailand,  attracts thousands of backpackers and tourists every year, and its no secret why.

As a volunteer, there are many stunning beaches to explore and relax on.  You could hire a motor bike and explore the island with its many attractions – such as elephant trekking – visit a waterfall or take an organised tour to James Bond Island.

It is easy to catch boats and explore the other smaller islands such as the famous Phi Phi island,  famous from the film “The Beach”.