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Opening up from July 2021!

–  Teaching  

–  Helping out in Animal charity

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Art project with the children from the Street Children Project

India is an amazing country to visit and explore!  Volunteering is the best way to experience the people, the culture, the rural areas off the beaten tourist track and the food.  Expect big grinning smiles, warm welcomes, crazy driving, cows everywhere (including railways platforms and walking down motorways), delicious food, bright colours…..

Volunteer placements cover:

  • Pre-school

  • Primary school

  • Home for destitute and orphaned boys

  • Street children project

  • Disabled children

  • Animal charity providing care to injured cows, donkeys and dogs

Gap Year, Year Out, Time Out, Career Break, volunteer, volunteering, teaching, India, children, oldies, seniors, families,

Making crowns with the children at one of the primary schools

These volunteer placements in India are suitable for:

  •  Gap Year

  •  Summer Holidays

  •  Uni Holidays

  •  Post Uni

  •  Families

  •  Mature volunteers  

  •  Older volunteers

  •  Schools                                             

Volunteers can make up their days by combining volunteering in the different projects like teaching in a primary school in the morning and visiting the street children project in the afternoon.  Weekends are for fun and you can explore the local famous city of Udaipur with its palaces, Old Market area, roof top restaurants overlooking the Lake Pichola or go further afield on an organised trip to somewhere like Jodhpur or Pushkar.


Pre-school (day care centres)

Volunteer, India, nursery, pre-school, teaching, children, gap year, career break, year out, oldies, seniors,

Volunteering in a pre-school “day care centre”

These nurseries take children from 2 to 6 years old and activities that you can do with the children are: playing with them, introducing them to lego, building blocks, make believe play, teaching them numbers, colours, animal names, songs, dances, lots of art & craft, colouring in, etc preparing them for school with good pencil control.


Teaching in primary schools

Gap Year, Year Out, Career Break, Teaching, India, TESOL, volunteer, volunteering, seniors, oldies, ladies

Teaching often takes place on the floor which is not ideal but schools do not necessarily have desks and chairs

The children traditionally learn by rote so a more relaxed, interactive style of teaching is very much loved by the children and gets good results.  Children are generally first to sixth grades and learn, in English, numbers, alphabet, animals, colours, forms of transport, professions,   – generally by having sheets to colour in but through art & craft, singing, dancing and reading stories.  They love colouring-in so a daily colouring-in activity reinforcing some new words learnt is always a good idea!

Gap Year, Career Break, Volunteering, India, Teaching, children, TESOL,

Making these name labels are a great way to learn the children’s names

Street Children Project

Teaching at this project takes place mid afternoon and these children until recently were literally roaming round the streets and did not attend school.  They have been encouraged to attend the Project which was at first in the shade of a tree and now is in a refurbished building.

Gap Year, Year Out, India, volunteer, TESOL, teaching, street, children, project, oldies, seniors, families,

Teaching the children in the Street Children Project

Teaching will be much the same as for nurseries and primary schools.  The prime objective is to make learning fun and encourage them to read and write.



One of the orphanages visited is actually a home for destitute and orphaned boys and the volunteers normally visit a couple of times a week, after school, to do fun activities with the children such as art projects, art & craft, games and sport.  They are particularly good at cricket and could teach the volunteers how to play!  However, you can also play other sports with them such as volleyball.

Gap Year, Year Out, Career Break, TESOL, volunteering, volunteer, teaching, orphanages, India, sport, volley ball, cricket,

Playing volleyball with the boys at the home for destitute and orphaned boys

Teaching Disabled children

Gap Year, Year Out, India, teaching, disabled, children, oldies, seniors,

Disabled child using toes to do art & craft

Teaching these disabled children can be very rewarding both for the child and for the volunteer as the child learns new skills.  Art & craft is a great medium to help them develop other ways of operating. Teaching them in English also helps them develop their language skill-set and gain a greater understanding of the world.


Animal care

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Caring for cows that are sick or have had operations

This charity works with stray dogs, wild cows and donkeys and performs many operations such as sterilisations and removal of plastic bags from the stomachs of cows. There are many stray dogs around Udaipur and it is not unusual to see a mum with a litter of puppies.  Cows also often fall ill due to roaming freely round the villages and towns and eating whatever they can find – often rubbish and carrier bags. Sometimes the animals are involved in accidents on the roads or even on the railroads. Duties include:  feeding the animals, making sure they are eating, making sure they have water and are drinking, bathing them, helping administer medications, calming them, talking to them, petting them, cleaning out their enclosures, removing faeces, hanging up bedding, washing floors, administering physiotherapy…. Anyone wanting to train as a vet or veterinary nurse would find this work interesting.  Animal lovers would also find it very rewarding. For more information click below on our Related Page Animal Care in India.



Gap Year, Year Out, Career Break, volunteering, volunteer, teaching, children, India, animals, oldies, seniors, disabled, nursery,

Yoga lessons on the rooftop of the volunteer house

Yoga is something you can do as a workshop whilst you are volunteering in India.  The price per week varies depending on how many people would like to join the workshop but as a guide:

  • 1 person – 3,500 rupees for 5 lessons
  • 2 people – 2,000 rupees each for 5 lessons
  • 3 people – 1,500 rupees each for 5 lessons
  • 4 people – 1,300 rupees each for 5 lessons
  • 5 people – 1,100 rupees each for 5 lessons
  • 6 people of more – 1,000 rupees each for 5 lessons

Whilst there, learn how to cook mouth watering Indian meals by watching our Indian cook.

Weekend Excursions:

If there are enough people, we can arrange group excursions however our in-country partners are also very happy to advise you on how to get about at the weekends on our own safely or when you have finished your placement . India 700 Typical excursions in Rajasthan are:

  • Taj Mahal
  • Ranthambore Tiger Park
  • Jodhpur and also stay with the desert communities nearby, sleeping under the stars and taking a camel ride at dawn to see the sunrise
  • Horse trekking
  • Udaipur attractions such as City Palace, take a boat ride on the lake, shop in the market….


PRICE DETAILS - We recommend 6 weeks minimum duration to get the most out of the placement WHAT'S INCLUDED WHAT'S NOT INCLUDED
2 weeks £700 Local airport transfers Flights to India
3 weeks £830 Accommodation at volunteer house Travel Insurance
4 weeks £960 3 home cooked meals a day Visa
5 weeks £1,090 Local transport to work placement Vaccinations
6 weeks £1,220 Orientation on arrival inc Hindi lesson
7 weeks £1,350 Help preparing lessons
8 weeks £1,480 Excursion to Monsoon Palace and Puppet and Dancing Show
9 weeks £1,610
10 weeks £1,740
11 weeks £1,870
12 weeks £2,000
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