Mozambique – how to get to there



The best route is to get a return flight to Johannesburg in South Africa and then a connecting flight straight, without stops, to Inhambane – which is probably the cutest airport in the world!

Fabulous original Art Deco bar/restaurant

Fabulous original Art Deco bar/restaurant


There are flights from Johannesburg to Inhambane with LAM the Mozambique airlines   However, this airline is both expensive and notoriously unreliable especially if you have a connecting flight.



Another route in is to take a TAP flight ( from Lisbon to Maputo and then get a connecting flight to Inhambane.

Some volunteers get the bus all the way  from Johannesburg via Maputo to Inhambane  which is the cheapest route in!  They stay at Fatima’s in Maputo for the night and they collect you from your bus stop and take you back in the morning so you can get your connection to Inhambane.  The Project will then collect you and bring you back to Tofo Beach.


If you would like to know more about our placement as a volunteer in marine conservation in Mozambique, based on Tofo Beach, helping the scientists gather data on the decline of the whale sharks, manta rays, turtles and other marine life through scuba diving and snorkeling with photos and video, take a look at our website, drop us an email with your questions, or give us a ring on 07833 208 158 or 01483 203405.  Its an amazing experience for anyone interested in marine science and scuba diving.