Birding – 6 days/7 nights

Birding is a popular hobby these days, specially after the film The Good Year made people more aware of the extent of enthusiasm shown by so many to identify different species of birds (will, maybe over-enthusiasm!) and the impact our feathered friends seem have on us.  Birding attracts all ages and this experience in South Africa will appeal to all:  experienced Twitchers and beginners.  It’s an opportunity to see many different species of birds in their natural habitats whilst experiencing the African bush.

Gap Year, Career Break, Year Out, Birding

Vultures keeping an eye on activity in the area

The first two Birding Experiences in 2018 are in a remote part of South Africa on the border with Zimbabwe and adjacent to the Limpopo River and the Kruger Park in pristine wilderness areas with a variety of ecological areas, tree species and habitats.  Expect to see Fever Tree Forests and the famous upside-down trees – the Baobab.  Pel’s Fishing Owl can be seen in this area, if you are lucky. 

Gap Year, Career Break, Year Out, FGASA Trails Guide course

Fabulous canyon nearby

The peacefulness is delightful and hopefully you won’t see a plane in the sky however the abundance of bird species is due to the many different biomes!  When you arrive at a wooded area, the noise of their chirping and calling is overwhelming.  You are encouraged to download an App on your phones purely to help identify species and their calls.  Good Binoculars and a powerful Camera are essential to capture those must-have photos!

Gap Year, Year Out, Birding break, Career Break, FGASA Trails Course

Elephant encounter!

However, you are in the open bush so do expect encounters with The Big Five too – elephant, buffalo, rhino, leopard and lion.  And also with The Little Five – the leopard tortoise, rhino beetle, ant lion, buffalo weaver and elephant shrew.  You will be led out on the treks by Professional Field Guides, with guns, who are experienced with wild animals and managing encounters.  The Guides are also very knowledgeable about birds and their habits so do ask them lots of questions.

Birding, Gap Year, Year Out, Photography course, Career Break,

Walking out exploring a canyon looking for birds and animals

Accommodation is in single sex, shared, twin bedded, raised Tented Huts with en-suite bathrooms, ceiling fan and veranda.

Morning treks out of camp tend to start around 5am so you can take advantage of the dawn chorus and morning light.  Once the day heats up, you return for a hearty breakfast at 10am and the next outing is around 4pm where again the cooler temperatures and evening light are more conducive to seeing birdlife.

Birding, Career Break, Gap Year, Year Out, FGASA Trails Guide 28 day course

Sitting round the fire at night in the open bush!

The last birding experience in 2018 is set at a different camp with different habitats attracting many birds.  The campsite is also open to the bush and adjacent to a wide river which for much of the year is dry but when it rains fills up and flows.

Gap Year, Birding, Year Out, Career Break, The Good Year,

Accommodation is in traditional tents on the ground, with mattresses and shower blocks with toilets, basins and showers.  Meals are taken in the open under the trees and after dinner everyone sits around the fire and chats about what they saw that day, sharing photos and bird calls.

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A good pair of binoculars are essential!


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Dates for 2020 Prices
17 February - 23 February South African Rand 17,950
24 October to 30 October South African Rand 17,950
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