Bush Adventure

Bush Adventure can be located either in the northern area of South Africa bordering with Zimbabwe, the Limpopo River and the Kruger National Park or in Botswana, also near the border.  It also takes place in Kenya once a year.

Bush Adventure, Gap Year, Career Break, FGASA Trails Guide course

Mother and baby rhino near a watering hole

The camps are open to the bush so expect wild animals to pass through and you will have an amazing experience living in the bush even though it is just for a short time.


The two Bush Adventures are of either 6 nights (7 days) or 13 nights (14 days) duration.

Bush Adventure, Animal Tracking, Wilderness experience, Gap Year, Year Out, Career Break, FGASA Field Guide Level 1

Zebra caught up close and posing for the photo!

These bush areas are pristine areas where you might not see another human being apart from those in your group.  Expect a variety of biomes with different trees, bird life and animal life.

Bush Adventure, Field Guide Level 1, Gap Year, Career Break, Year Out, Wilderness Experience

An example of the type of tent you might stay in

Professional Field Guides will be looking after you and taking you out on hikes and game drives.  They will share their knowledge and skills with you and the group and manage any dangerous animal encounters.

Bush Adventure, Gap Year, Year Out, Career Break, Safari Guide Course

Elephants having a play fight

You will be focusing on learning the skills that a safari guide learns – albeit a much shortened version and gain knowledge on animal behaviour, animal tracking, identifying animals and birds, managing animal encounters, recognising trees and bushes and their medicinal properties….

Bush Adventure, Gap Year, Year Out, Career Break, Safari course

Hyena arriving late at the carcass of a dead giraffe


Give us a ring on 07833 208 158 with any questions you have or email them to:   info@volunteervacations.co.uk


Dates for 2020 Duration and location Price
16 March - 22 March 7 days - South Africa S. African Rand 21,800
1 September - 7 September 7 days - Kenya US$1,830
25 September - 1 October 7 days - South Africa S.African Rand 21,800
17 December - 23 December 7 days - Botswana S. African Rand 21.800
24 July - 6 August 14 days - SA and Botswana S. African Rand 37,050
5 October - 18 October 14 days - South Africa S. African Rand 37,050
1 November - 14 November 14 days - South Africa S. African Rand 37,050
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