Photography course – 6 days/7 nights

Photography course – 6 days/7 nights – for those people who love their cameras and taking photos but want to learn new techniques and improve the quality of their photos.  Led by an experienced photographer, you will focus on the thought processes involved in taking better photos and have the opportunity of putting new practices into action in the bush!

Bush Adventure, Animal Tracking, Wilderness experience, Gap Year, Year Out, Career Break, FGASA Field Guide Level 1

Zebra caught up close and posing for the photo!

You can expect to see the Big Five (elephant, buffalo, rhino, lion and leopard) and if you are lucky the Little Five (leopard tortoise, rhino beetle, ant lion, elephant shrew and buffalo weaver).

Photography Course, Gap Year, Year Out, Career Break, Wilderness Experience, Adventure Travel,

One of the Little Five – The Leopard Tortoise

Set in a remote private concession of the South African bush, adjacent to the Kruger National Park, accommodation is in shared, single sex, raised ‘tented’ rooms with their own en-suite bathrooms, ceiling fans, mosquito nets, twin beds and balcony.

Photography course, Bush Adventure, Gap Year, Year Out, Career Break, Safari course

Hyena arriving late at the carcass of a dead giraffe

The camp is unfenced and open to the bush and dangerous wild animals occasionally come through the camp so you are very much part of nature!

Gap Year, Year Out, Career Break, Photography course

Fabulous wetlands abundant with bird life

There are a variety of biomes for you to explore with the group and you will be amazed at the variety of the bird life in this protected area.  Visit the wetlands adjacent to the Limpopo River bordering with Zimbabwe or the fabulous Fever Tree Forests.

Gap Year, Career break, Year Out, Photography course

Woodland kingfishers strutting their stuff!

The day starts at 4.30am with coffee and rusks, departing at 5am on the first game drive or hike out of camp.  At that time of the morning the light is perfect for photos but more importantly the animals are more likely to be out as the day heats up and temperature can reach 40 degrees!

Gap Year, Year Out, Photography course, Career Break,

Walking out exploring a canyon looking for birds and animals

A hearty breakfast is at 10am and the next trip out will be around 4pm again to take advantage of the cooling temperatures, evening light and animals looking for the water holes!

Gap Year, Year Out, Career Break, FGASA Trails Course

Elephant encounter!

In the evenings, sit round the camp fire and share stories and make friends!  Guests tend to go to bed early for the early start next day and have a siesta around midday when it is very hot.

Career Break, Gap Year, Year Out, FGASA Trails Guide 28 day course

Sitting round the fire at night in the open bush!

Clothing should be khaki or brown or beige in order to blend into the bush.  A good pair of walking boots are recommended, as well as hat and water bottle or camel.  A small rucksack comes in handy to carry your camera, extra water, snacks, etc.  We also recommend downloading an App on your phone with all the birds in Southern Africa.  This will enable you to recognise species and also the App will have bird calls so you can also identify a bird by its call.

Gap Year, Year Out, Life Style change

Young giraffe found in the bush without its mother

Dates for 2020 Price
5 March to 11 March South African Rand 22,100
19 September to 25 September South African Rand 22,100
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