Sewing – Teaching the ladies sewing and how to make fashion clothes

Sewing - teaching the ladies in Ghana how to make fashions

Sewing – Showing the ladies how to use the machines

Sewing is very popular in Ghana!  The Ghanaians love colourful fabrics and some of the designs are very loud and bold!  Ladies love to wear elegant dresses with matching head scarves.  The men also love to wear beautiful shirts both at work and when relaxing so you can be more daring than back in your own country with your choice of fabrics!

Sewing - teaching the ladies how to make fashions

Sewing Workshop

Share your sewing and fashion skills and teach these ladies how to make clothes that they can sell and make a living from.  Items for the tourist trade would also be useful such a shorts, blouses, bags as well as the lovely dresses.

Sewing - teaching the ladies how to make fashions

Sewing – Choosing from lots of very colourful local cotton fabrics

You will get to work with different kinds of fabrics native to Ghana – batik, wax and kente.

Hours of work

Hours are from 2pm to 5pm, Monday to Friday at the workshop which is part of the Women’s Empowerment program in Labadi village, a suburb of Accra, the capital of Ghana.

You could either spend your mornings exploring Accra, looking for unusual fabrics and materials or teach in the school for disadvantaged children. You can learn more about this school here:

You will be shown how to get to the workshop and once you are confident to go on your own,  can get yourself there and back on the local buses .  The estimated bus fare return is £1 daily and if you prefer to go by taxi then it’s £5 return daily.


Where you will stay:

Stay at the Volunteer House with other volunteers whilst you are doing your placement in Ghana.

Sewing - teaching the ladies how to make fashions

Sewing – The Volunteer House

You will get great support on arrival, three home cooked meals a day and have a shared single sex room with en suite bathroom.

Sewing - teaching the ladies how to sew

Sewing – Shared rooms with bunk beds and en suite bathrooms


For advice on travelling to Ghana, check out the Foreign & Commonwealth Advice page here.


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Number of weeks Price What's included:
2 weeks £995 Pre-departure advice and support
3 weeks £1,195 Airport pick up
4 weeks £1,395 Accommodation at Volunteer House
5 weeks £1,595 3 meals daily
6 weeks £1,795 orientation on arrival
7 weeks £1,995 introduction to placement
8 weeks £2,195 24-hour contact
9 weeks £2,295 some activities
10 weeks £2,395
11 weeks £2,495
12 weeks £2,595