Minimum 4 week placement


Rugby coaching in Kenya is for coaches of all ages with a minimum age of 18.  Many of our volunteers start off in with the HIV/AIDs charity SKRUM in Swaziland where they volunteer as rugby coaches, learn the SKRUM teaching model and also take their Level 1 IRB rugby coaching qualification.  They then move on to Kenya where they can put all that they have learnt into action with the SKRUM project in the Rift Valley, giving them a two country experience.  Whilst in Swaziland, HIV/AIDs is the main subject of the classroom presentations, in Kenya SKRUM would also like to unify the tribes through the game and passion of rugby.  “Pass the Ball, not the hatred” is the mantra.

However, if you just want to volunteer as a rugby coach in Kenya, that is not a problem.

*   Assist the local Kenyan coaches

Work with them introducing the game and passion of rugby into the schools and communities of the Rift Valley.  The local coaches are young and fun and you will enjoy working with them developing lasting friendships.  You will visit the schools and communities in the Rift Valley, often by local bus, and coach boys and girls of all ages.

*   Help develop invaluable life skills presentations

on tribal differences, HIV/AIDS awareness, gender violence and alcohol and drug abuse.  These presentations made to whole schools are delivering essential educational messages to the children of Kenya informing them about these important social issues and encouraging them to discuss them in an open non-judgemental environment.  The children are encouraged to ask questions and openly discuss these taboo subjects.

*  Paint the SKRUM logo onto the outside of the schools

onto the outside of schools.  Schools are proud to be part of the SKRUM programme and to carry the SKRUM logo on the outside of their schools for all to see.

*  Develop career skills

Such as leadership and working in a team, which will enhance your c.v. and give you something eXtra in interviews and job applications.

*   Explore Kenya’s attractions

With the Nakuru National Park right on your door step, take an excursion into the park and see the beauty of the scenery and get to glimpse rhinos up close, zebras, monkeys and many other animals and birds and appreciate the breath taking views.  Walk up the Menengai crater, explore Lake Naivasha, cycle through Hell’s Gate, walk up Mount Longonot and circle the rim of the extinct volcano…..When you have finished your placement, you could visit the coast and swim in the warm seas….

4 week placement £1,600 Airport Transfers from Nairobi to Nakuru Flights
£200 per additional week Accomodation and Food Travel Insurance
named SKRUM kit (3 golf shirts, 2 tracksuit bottoms, 3 t-shirts) Visa
Local phone and sim card, Vaccinations and spending money