Teaching English in the mountains is a very unique experience!  This delightful rural school is situated on the slopes of Imbaburra Mountain, about 2,500 m above sea level in San Clemente which consists of some 200 families spread out along the road.  The location is peaceful and it seems like time has stood still in this friendly community whilst the rest of the world raced ahead.

The school caters for some 100 children aged 6 to 14 and covers the first 6 years of classes.  The children come from Indigenous families and some of the children walk for 1 to 1 1/2 hours to get to school each day!

The school day starts at 7.30 am and you will need to leave your home stay early to walk down the hill and catch the bus which will take you up to the school.  The return bus leaves at about 4pm so in the afternoons, once the children have gone home, you can help prepare lessons for the next day and help grow the vegetables.

Even though the school is equipped with a modern new kitchen, the Government only provides the children with biscuits and a drink every day so the home grown vegetables are to make some nutritious home made soups for the children from time to time.  As many of these children will leave school early and work in agriculture, it is good to teach them how to grow lettuce, potatoes, corn, beans, etc.


Why volunteers are needed

Although this school has teachers, because the school is so remote, it is not always possible to bring in specialist teachers for say computers and at the moment they only have P.E. once a week.  The school does have an English teacher however it is always good to have another English speaker to help out with the classes and you may want to help out with Maths, Sciences or another subject. The children greatly benefit from having the volunteers too as it opens up their understanding of the world and other countries and cultures.


Where you will stay

You will stay with a local Spanish speaking family in a homestay and have your own room with a shared bathroom.  Meals are taken with the family although you will need to take a packed lunch with you to school Mondays to Friday.   The location of the homestay is rural and up in the mountains and you will need to walk down and up the hill to the bus stop.  Imburra Town can be reached by bus or by taxi.  The family may grow their own fruits and vegetables and keep a few domestic animals including a lama or two (!) and if you wanted to help them with these, it would be very much appreciated.


Prices Whats included Whats not included
4 weeks minimum £1,195 Collection from Quito airport by taxi Flights to Ecuador
5 weeks £1,295 First week in Quito at Spanish School staying with host Spanish Speaking family Travel Insurance
6 weeks £1,395 3 weeks with Ecuadorian Spanish speaking family in the mountains Vaccinations
7 weeks £1,495 24 hour telephone contact from in country support Transport from Quito to the mountains and back
8 weeks £1,595 comprehensive orientation on arrival Return taxi to airport
9 weeks £1,695
10 weeks £1,795
11 weeks £1,895
12 weeks £1,995
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