Quito – Attend Spanish School, see all the city has to offer before embarking on your volunteer placement


During your first week whilst you are at the Spanish School in Quito and preparing for your volunteer placement either in Quito, the mountains, Ambato, the jungle or The Galapagos,  take the tram (25 cents) and visit the old Town – one of the first places to be designated  a World Heritage Site by Unesco.   The old colonial style buildings will conjure up images of conquistadors arriving and bringing much of their Spanish culture which is reflected in the architecture.


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The Bishop's Palace in the old town, Quito - now a cafe

The Bishop’s Palace in the old town, Quito – now a cafe

A trip up the TeleferiQo is a must to see the outstanding 360 degrees panorama from the summit and see the sprawling city stretch out beneath you.  The old airport is clearly visible and you can see why it was replaced as the buildings are so close to the run way.  There are lots of stories of planes landing at the old airport and overshooting the runway and landing on houses!     In the distance, sprawls the new airport with plenty of space around it inspiring confidence and with room for expansion.




Travelling around the City by bus is just 25 cents!  Another great place to visit on a Sunday is the Mitad del Mundo – a park set on the Equator with various small museums, restaurants, shops and lots of entertainment on a Sunday – well worth the visit and you can straddle the Equator and have half of you in the Northern Hemisphere and the other half in the Southern Hemisphere!





BBQ guinea pig

BBQ guinea pig


(Volunteer Vacations has many Spanish speaking volunteer placements in Ecuador and The Galapagos.  We recommend our volunteers spend their first week at the Spanish School in Quito where they can tune up their language skills and get to know this great city before embarking on their volunteer placements.  For more details on what’s on offer,  check out:  www.volunteervacations.co.uk or give us a ring on 07833 208 158 or email at info@volunteervacations.co.uk)