Rugby Coaching and Life Skills presentations in Kenya – Week 2 for Pete Thomas


I have experienced another very interesting and rewarding week in Kenya. Throughout the whole week we have had no water in our apartment, which has been quite difficult. At first I was in my element but after 8 days it has become quite frustrating. However it has been exciting trying to deal with the situation and finding alternative ways of showering and cooking.

1381561_678494088840897_1111515482_nThis week we did 3 sessions, two rugby sessions and one classroom session. The first session of the week was a rugby session at Kirabon Secondary School. Kirabon is a boys school, about thirty 16-18 year-olds took part in this session. We played lots of games of British Bulldog, which the boys enjoyed greatly. At the end of the session we awarded the most committed and focused players with SKRUM Kenya branded rugby tops. It was great to see the other boys congratulate the boys that won the awards rather than feel aggrieved.


The second session we did was a rugby session at Crater Primary School, a school with a wonderful view of the Menegai crater. Over a hundred kids came out for this session, which made it very difficult to manage but we were still able to play some fun games. Unfortunately the session was cut short by a heavy downpour but I am sure the kids received the message and had fun!

On Wednesday we went on a trip to Thompson Falls, a beautiful waterfall in Nyahururu. We walked all the way down to the base of the waterfall and were peppered by spray. We got some great photographs and had a great time. We then had a look around the local market nearby the waterfall, which was nice. It took Nick and I a good half an hour to drag Tasha away from the shops, she could not stop herself buying local souvenirs.


The week ended with a great classroom session at Crater Primary School. Nick ran the session again and did extremely well; he seems to be improving every week.

On Saturday we were sickened to hear the news of the Westgate Mall terrorist attack. We were meant to be in Nairobi for the Safaricom 7s rugby tournament but decided against it. We went on Sunday instead after being ensured it was safe. We had a great day at the sevens in which Kenya won which was very exciting for everyone, especially our SKRUM boys!

With the chaos going on in Kenya at the moment we have decided to get away and have a relaxing week in Mombasa for my birthday!

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