Volunteering in Ghana – weekend trips – from Busua to Accra

Volunteering in Ghana

Busua Beach, Ghana

Volunteering in Ghana is generally Monday to Friday which leaves the weekends free to go off and explore.  We have a lovely weekend in Busua – a chilled out beach resort and rested on the beach and enjoyed the whole hippy vibe going on there.

It was a long drive from Busua Beach to Accra and we stopped just after passing Cape Coast at the Anomabo Beach resort for lunch.   For someone wanting a quiet, away-from-it all location, Anomabo Beach is perfect.  We only experienced the restaurant overlooking the beach which was great and the beach goes on forever with hardly anyone on it.  There was the odd person swimming however the British High Commission in Accra advises us NOT to swim in the sea because of the dangerous undercurrents.  It was more up-market than Busua.

Volunteering in Ghana

Anomabo Beach, Ghana


We invited our driver to join us for lunch and he was chuffed.  Sharan and he order the Tilapia and banku, I had to have the Red Red beans, fried plantain and chicken.  The portions were enormous and really one could have fed two of us.  An embarrassing thing happened which reminded me of the old HSBC add about knowing how to behave in different cultures.  After ordering, they only brought two sets of knives and forks (there were 3 of us) and plonked a large bottle of some kind of detergent on the table.  I naturally thought it was that dry hand wash that I buy all the time so squeezed a huge amount into my hands and massaged it in.  It smelt delicious of strawberries but I soon realised to my horror that it wasn’t what I thought it was.  Just before the meal arrived, they bought a bowl of water and our driver used the detergent and water to wash his hands!  He then ate the food using his right hand only.  Sharan decided to follow suit and ate her fish a la Ghanaian i.e. by hand.  I visited the wash room several times to try and get rid of the stickiness on my hands and I have to say that the next day, my hands were the cleanest they have ever been!

Volunteering in Ghana

Acrobatics on the beach in Ghana!

The next day we visited the Labadi Beach Hotel and paid to sit by their pool, swim and chill.  It was good to see the top end of the market but a whole world away from the Ghana that we had seen.  I needed to print out some documents and the business centre was very helpful, even though it was a Sunday.

Volunteering in Ghana

Labadi Beach Hotel – a bit of luxury and a nice swim in the pool

We went down onto the beach which had an amazing atmosphere – horses to hire, drumming, dancing, lots of people there.  Sadly the sea was full of rubbish floating in the water.  There were a few people standing in the water in a designated area but they really only paddled.    I have seen some beautiful beaches in Ghana but it is so sad that swimming is dangerous.

Volunteering in Ghana

Beach vendor on beach

On that note, I have to say that Ghana has taken off as the new Gateway to Africa, according to the British High Commission as replaced South Africa as a first African experience.   The people are warm, friendly and beautiful.   I would really recommend the Bradt Guide on Ghana – that is where we found the information about accommodation, transport, interesting things to do.  The only disapppointment is that we didn’t get any marriage proprosals (which they say girls/ladies on their own always get) although one taxi driver did tell me that he loved me (and I had only been in the car for 5 minutes! I think that he meant that “he liked me”)

Jill Golding


Our Volunteer Placements in Ghana:  sports coaching (netball, hockey, football, rugby, tennis, boxing, basketball), teaching in senior school or a school for disadvantaged children, working with endangered primates, medical shadowing (doctors, nurses, midwives, dentists), teaching how to make fashions, teaching the art of barbering, helping with the after school club….visit our website for more information:


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